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women, eczema of the external genitals often causes the most intense

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hitherto been followed in conducting the business of

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anticholera vaccination. The first of these had pro-

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as well as in the saliva, the tears, and the pancreatic juice of

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The functions of the liver may be said to be: (1) To detoxify poisons

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is perfectly possible, too, that by swallowing saliva and pharyngeal

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also disinfectants, are of service in destroying noxious

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sence of valves in the vena cava would allow a refluent current. It

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telling (and trying to confirm), when fir d arrested, the true origin of the

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collections, which run in various directions, but generally

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the three years prior to August, 1869, and to state briefly the

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that objC(fl: ought to have been attained by coiidcnnng every ar-

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skill and care in operating, or poorer judgment in select-

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stage of the disease its healing has been fully ascertained. In

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rulers and governments. The history of the Medici family of Flor-

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1 See the following pages for the doubts about identifying this exercise of power

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granted that it may be used liy tin Hnriji'on liiinnelf

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the scar in the skin is tougher and less pliant than that in mucous

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membrane alone may, in the first instance, become the seat of in-

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tibility to cowpox, there is little danger of smallpox being contracted. Aside

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another creamery, where the hogs were raised on the place and fed

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"Perishing from life" shows a man being separated from life, rather

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hemiplegia. Motor fibres are not known to traverse this

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it would appear, believe in what they call " faith-healing." Now,

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himself in extemporaneous discourse, but never to the extent of over-

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newspaper for October 15 or 16, 1865: "Five miles from Gib-

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dy? No one will deny the reality of suffering in tooth-

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there had been an increase in ordinary income of £13,740, so

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TnH «ti^ nf ' R'leun.atism, Uout, Favus. Tinea, Herpes

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provised and used as hospitals. He considered that it was well

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nor can he be expected to read all the practical works

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sion of the nervous prostration which ushers in the disease ;

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of soreness on percussion over skull ; said that on October

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