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kidney of apparently normal size, which had slipped'down into
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is also the case in Basedow's disease, where we have
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An improvement might be made upon this last by causing a
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blood is generally passed in larger quantity than in cal-
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is theu made, so that in the process of healing it shall draw
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were claimed for this procedure. Also, cases of typhus were being
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Since most of the gamma rays with the energy of radiation in fall-
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creased. The best results are where there is a large
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Bignami, to whom we are indebted for a thorough study of this ques-
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the city of Panama where he lived one month. Since October, 1909, he has been
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which embraces the records of cases in the practice of other
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bake till tender. Strain and work through a sieve, and add the
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was a man, and there was nothing about the operation out of the
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posed to rely upon the judgment which I have thus deliberately formed,
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the lymph nodes. The upper extremity is most frequently affected.
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cago; Secretary, Dr. William A. Potter, of BufTalo,
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Faruue, Godalming ; Mr. Langford ; Mr. Leaf; Dr. Lithgow,
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that aim at combining a maximum of the fat and of the albumin, which,
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has become general, suffer very frequently from the disease,
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school of Mai’quette University, from which he was
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connection with each other will easily be understood from a perusal of
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thin structures like the intestines, and whether the conditions
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0lti.iU'ttC-Sl>O, t /l«A. ' .: <■ L-- Arf^/^^w/jv^^^^vv Iflt *-<.<s'f<-<.„L{~
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Moreover, even when we do understand the whole pathology of a case,
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ocally to acknowledge that we have acquired many new
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the Royal Infirmary, and one day (two or three years after-
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auricle, never empty, and incapable of exerting any expansive
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tient lay wrapped. In the beginning of the epidemic, the critical rigor
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are altered in appearance. The inner condyle of each
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participants. The remainder of funds are spent to produce or
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At a meeting of the Medical Society of London, Mr. Thomas Bond read a
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cluding the sense of touch, pressure, pain, and tempera-
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