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is heard more distinctly when the stethoscope is pressed rather firmly

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yielding to the influence of such an agent as arsenic. The


lliciii, or tin- mode in which they presented themselves. These artificial

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the course of rabies appears to be checked for a few days, and the disease

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fluence of sounds in unison or in harmony with its fundamental tone, return-

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Splenectomy, with Good Recovery, Pathologic Report of Speci-

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seter, temporal, pterygoid, mylohyoid, and the posterior belly of ilic dignrtric

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of the serum of the blood into its cavity, thereby washing

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cases by the means which have been hitherto employed. The vaccine should

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In consequence of the interest excited in her case, a

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found in a state of hyperplasia^ the tumour is a neuroma^ and

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be met with several times in succession in this disease, so that the

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As soon as one ligament has been isolated, the other

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In the same class of cases, when the mouth is dry and

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or myocarditic affection, and the presence of cells and cylin-

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splenico o uuguento vegetalo. Ciiillo, A versa, 1897, v,

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their dilatation, as may be shown by touching the superficial epigastric arte-

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Cong, internat. d'otol. etde laryii:;(il.. Par., 1889, 311-319

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employed during the war, and evidently in many cases with

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ably, according to their nature ; but they are not smaller than a dime,

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voltage of 100,000 volts does not present too much difficulty ; it meets every

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Par nobile fratrum ! What a brace of rascals, to be sure : 'tother Dromio !

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paralysis. In a case of syphilis at the Necker Hospital rapid recovery

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week, all traceable to upturning the soil in digging for a water pipe —

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the lower third, about 35 per cent. In most both artery and veins

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connected with the science of medicine. The second rea-

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was that, about eighteen inches deeper in the earth, the skeleton of a full-

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of the wards which took place, I believe, under all the other sur-

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breast cancer, the federal government and the surgical profession, biliary tract surgery,

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" During my recent visit to Washington with other physicians,

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origin, and treatment must be directed to the individual,

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■thousand dollars over that of the year previous.

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Female, aged 33, four months after a Laryngofissure

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ridge between the Seneca and Cayuga lakes, run westerly

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