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rosis. The first is anaemia, the development of which increases the

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Uclx-r (iic llesultatd iler Artlirectoniio dcs Kiiics. Ver-

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body weight of 64-5 kilos, awake and sitting quietly in a chair,

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discussed may be mentioned the results of the removal of the ovaries

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In specimens obtained from these two cases, a difference was

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practitioner and surgeon in recognizing the leading land-

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is known to be useless, e. g., with twisting of the duodenum. (2) Pyloric

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extremities. The shortening of the right limbs was not observed until

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to the knee is frequently demonstrated by comparing

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A few cases, the infection not from New Orleans or any of the foci

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extensive knowledge there can be no such thing as science, and

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which other branches of inquiry demand. The study of

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he is either overworking the kidneys or overcharging the

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Duchenne's observations that the attention of the profession has been kept

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the extremities became warm, and the condition of the child on

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Uing typhus fever ; and the same may be said measurably of

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left side was affected with a sudden onset, the patient could not protrude

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as to the excellent quality of the water distributed over the town. In

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will more rapidly step to its appointed high place, and the profession which

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Stokes mortars. The amount of gas that could be sent over in this

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the symptoms which are then observed will be presently described rmder

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impressed with the truth of the author^s observations, he feels that some

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orrhagic pancreatitis and are the result of the invasion of the necrotic

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destroyed by an exposure of half-an-hour to a temperature of

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that most of these cases can be relieved by medical

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testinal canal in the form of soap. The only effec-

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sion that he must do the work generally assigned to the special-

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