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duction to the node by way of the auricle as a normal process. As will

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cance. This difference among symptoms has been expressed by calling

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canals and membrani tympani by means of a speculum and a good light (first

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and protracted investigation of a method, the utility and applicability

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second set of filters similarly arranged and gave filtrate "4 X 2," the passage

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the bowel. Nitrate of silver collyi-ia are the type of

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that the smallest nerve-bundles were intact, I observed the tumor-cells

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thyroid cartilage.) In addition, the efficacy of the use of

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ing either aneurism of the aorta, pulmonary phthisis with

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into the umbilical cord is so difficult to follow that it is not

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one family, called " Pilot's Row." The situation of the barracks

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case death usually occurs in the course of a few hours.

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24 jier 1,000 in London, and 20 in New York, o6 per

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great a rigor as the various religious bodies insist on, on the part of their

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this formation is called transition; and^ finally, at the third

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by which we name the lesion by the feature which happens to predominate.

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morphotic proteid. Fat and glycogen now afford a part of the energy

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before tho pont-np pus could be liberated. All the others had

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as a cure for diabetes ; but the subject is worthy of being more thoroughly inves-

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animal heat of an hi^jhly organized and rapidly de-

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Again, there are normal types of cells which are the proto-

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pathology so lately and so ably advocated by Virchow.

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thor, " 1 take off* a pound of blood at the onset, when there is

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tendency to diseases of the flux character, during the second

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