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men. Dr Schulze, on the 26th November, found the whole head, with
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this number was regarded as the most critical in the course of
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cases no unfavorable symptoms arise until the third
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tions uniformly fourteen times per minute, which is about the average natural
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and, while none are capable of making the hands germ free, most
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The symptoms caused by softening so induced will be considered
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— members of the profession — who require instruc-
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common ; and it has been observed to be especially prevalent in
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mathematical and even linguistic treatises, prevented
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misson (E.) Sur line observation de ■Resection ortho-
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Adverse Reactions— (Dry mouth, blurred vision and
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Owensboro Medical Society from 1868 to 1884, and President
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6. Mrs. M. L., aged fifty, married, menopause in 1900.
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postmaster offered, whence ' Hobson's choice.' Now Hobson was a sanita-
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flasks. All cultures thus obtained were tested for type and corre-
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country. In 1859 Major Tafel died, and after that the firm
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study the precise nature of its power under diflerent modes of admi-
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digesting more. Not by the artificial and lazy method of drink-
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humiliating and so subvei-sive of individual happi-
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let each day's work absorb your entire energies and satisfy your widest
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advantages claimed for it are the large field obtained, the ability to palpate
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Plates are then poured and allowed to harden (with the covers
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more liable to monarthritis and polyarthritis than adults.
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vein, a branch of the &cial vein to the forehead
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average weight of the two lungs during collapse was about twenty
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4 P.M., with delirium, relieved during the night by
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still having evening elevations of temperature to 101° F. Under
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while away. Noticed it the first night of his absence,

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