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studded with cysts, which when incised gave exit to a fetid ichor; this
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I also well remember, at one time in the winter season, of driving 50 miles in
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suppuration was going on in a given case indicated that micro-
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cornea ; S, sclerotic ; OS, canal of Schlemm ; VK, anterior chamber ; J,
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plete paralysis of one side without any attection of the face. Dr.
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non-operable case. To this class sermons on qualifica-
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On the third day after the operation there was an attack of delirium caused by
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Bill — supported by the Charity Organisation Society, and
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of the skin with subsequent tenderness and possibly neuralgia.
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Di*. P. F. Mdnd6 remarked that large balls of hair were of
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scratch on his lip, which bled freely regardless of styptics.
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weeks, healed of her sores, was thriving in appear-
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tion is when is it to be performed ? It should not be delayed after perma-
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although the point is of course impossible to demonstrate, it has, I think,
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blood when all precautions have been taken. A weakly
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scnd ;m,,n ' Leichen') which had eon,,, before him; and any physician not
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mouth, tongue, and teeth in severe cases of typhoid
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■ to find every sort of enlargement there more frequently
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but it cannot prevent relapse, nor has it any appar-
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higher legal requirements without reciprocity it would
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troduced, guided by the index finger of the other hand,
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was related to the Tracli.idon of the Nebraska beds, and the
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of the right ovary. She was perfectly well till fourteen days before
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and cramps -svere severe, and collapse just commencing, v;e
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confidence of a large portion, not to say a majority, of the people.
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and the following are its most important results : — ^Putrefaction was
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Casb I. — J. C, 45 years, Russian Hebrew, admitted to Aft.
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invests the deposition of oil in the degenerating epithelium,
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Figs. 21 and 22. Photomicrographs, taken from the nasal bone, showing dif-
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himself to the belief that the cervical traumata of partu-
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6 p. m., and allow water. It will be seen that the patient excreted
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medieval Europe as Rhazes; and 'Ali ibnu'l-'Abbas al-
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particular risk to the patient, or the doctor either.

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