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ception of the destruction of the epithelium ; and if sometimes it ap-

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The Reporter is issued every Saturday morning, each number consisting of twenty-four pages of

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opinions that have fallen under our observation during the last month

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diagnosis with the cystoscope, including some photos of

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chiefly the result of excessive heat, although partially due to small-pox. Neither

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bearing on the points considered in the last paragraph. Guinea-pigs

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out, the leaflets are extended like the rays of a fan, and practically

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times longer, before the water will commence to flow ;

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the way of his course, floundered up to the grave, which is soon

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the conservative surgeon is pointed at as a timid surgeon ; but he was willing to be.

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tions were made at intervals of from seven to ten days. Cases XI and

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for a public man who ignores it. It is the basis of all

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stop business leaks. He pays large amounts annually for insurance, life

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tions can be rapidly carried out. It has the advantage of in-

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threatened the prosperity and almost the existence of

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plished ndthing but the Iosb of the student's fees.

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has contributed to it very largely. Of this assertion its

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style " typical vaccine vesicle, that I am seldom tempted to take lymph

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of contact between the two liquids (Heller's test). The pictures thus

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Mr. Spencer's essay has been received as an authority by ad-

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were not subject to the cpn '^gi^^^s effluvia of the

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only be suitable in the rare cases of menorrliagia from a Ijulky uterus with

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True, the injections were attended with some inconvenience, and did not

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muscles after the cure of the club-foot is one of the causes of

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results only in entrants between the ages of fifty-seven and seventy. Early

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septics, tonics and surgical interference. The probability

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may lead to some absorption of bone, but it does not appear as a rounded

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too young to have its use explained to them. 5. Never

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