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that peculiar to the female at the time of her menstrual
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their reputation partly to old traditions, partly to ex-
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This is a disease that occurs principally in young children. It
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paralysis of the vaso-motor and not of the motor fibres contained
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titis, remembering to avoid all irritants. Even large
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and second honor men held the same rank. The class of '70 cele-
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erence committee recommends that this report be adopted.
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amount of fluid in the apex. It is the constant observation
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these marks more particularly. M. Esquirol accounts for the tume-
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Chlorodyne, aud find it an excellent Anodyne and Antispasmodic
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relationship between height and vital capacity, will only be known after
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accepted as informational a progress report from this com-
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cular focus in the lower end of the radius. The arm
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to divide the adductors, and extend. If forcible abduction is
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full length of the urethra, nor did this practice render
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and not allowed to cool before using. The proper tempera-
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addition of Jaundice will give him a greenish or olive hue. ^
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before the pupils of his eyes were very much enlarg-
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physiological function during the course of a severe infection like
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themselves of the better ventilated situations afforded at wrist, knee, fork or
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heart action. Hemoptysis and transient hemeplegias are occasionally observed. Radiographically, the
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thorax and eventually penetrating the pleura ; some-
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trial in cases of gastric ulcer. The chief objection lies in the difficulty
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ing first labours is about twice the mortality from puerperal
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the medicine. And I appeal to the medical public whether
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the tube, and was then told that, having taken it once,
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