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shot on a silk thread was also frustrated. If themanu'uvre had succeeded, it had been my
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M. — Sig. Two teaspoonfuls, or a tablespoonful, every
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So, too, of cholera and other diseases in their most- malignant
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out any apparent cause sometimes; and at others, from the
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by a solution of glucosid. The relative nutritive value of the differ-
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by blood were compared with those horn in marriage of parents not so related,
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several capacities. Interest has not flagged and there has been no lack of
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disorders may be tried. With more hope of benefit, fiuadistn or galvanism,
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is censured for imagining himself to be superior to all
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the knee. During this treatment, the child could scarcely make
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abandon it from a few failures, nor be led into the opposite error, of sup-
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bursed for any unusual outlay, and to make suitable
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these symptoms, sleeplessness is the most urgent. Dr. Grattan and
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made by the knees. The marks on the vulva and labium
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index which indicates in millimetres the circumference
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2035. The erratic nature of this inflammation is known to all
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but that some of the severe facial neuralgias for wliich ex-
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increasingly as a teaching center. Patients are being i
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Distilled water sufficient to mai^e 30 cc. ( l oz.)
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nosis is almost inavoidable, and the following is an instance of this
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circumcision, but with the methods used in this opera-
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for a small roofless cabinet, an ideal sun bath may be con-
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situations, living in crowded dwellings, are more liable to be affected, but
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much with nausea through the night, and vomited several times. Her
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amiss with either the scope or the thoroughness of the work
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Pathological Anatomy. — The changes of structure proper to this
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and Bohn, but they apparently did not appreciate their clinical signifi-
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transporting men just out of trenches, put 000 through in one day. Capacity is at
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process as well as the formation of fibrous tissue by our treatment with

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