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of this regimen, with the consequent renewal of appetite, especially when the
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Four brothers are quite healthy. One sister died of " paralysis "
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Ignorance about sexual affairs seems to be a notable
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literiitud, so tlĀ»:it thu inner margin of the sole rests
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unnatural colour, while the surface of the body manifests a disposition
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ple remedies to produce daily and normal evacuation of the bowels
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improvement followed, leading in these cases to cures. Still, in four
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allergen, i. e., the tubercle bacillus, does not play any role in the general
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heated toxin and observe the reaction at the end of twenty-four hours.
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dered to be taken again every two hours ; and a turpen-
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arid and pallid, had become moist and rosy ; air was traversing the nostril freely,
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tion of the sugar is in all probability decomposed into other sub-
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Dr. Lee repudiates the idea that ulceration of the os and cervix uteri is of
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ertions day and night to stamp out the pestUence. For this
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the field of abdominal surgery has hardly been entered upon.
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Lounge at Frost Marina on Dog River. They have a very limited menu, no salad with the
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his escape from it, with something of the feeling with which the tra-
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dinary window-framing, and, while light is as freely ad-
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Congress in Berlin, a heated discussion look place,
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increased in intensity on pressure, furnish additional aids in distinguishing
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adjoining the baby's room and running water near by are desirable.
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400,000 Injections of Galyl are now given annually .
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sired action, I resolved on exsection of the intervening tissue
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Dr Chaisson is Assistant Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and

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