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'"•■ the most prompt and marked relief to hysteri-

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York. The preamble to the act sets forth the reasons which

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been torn off by the rerohdion of a carriage wheel. — Dr. John Ashhurst,

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eration of tlie vessels only as a complication of the paren-

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fection whatever; that to this law, the crepitant rhonchus is no

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adenosis, and more than two-thirds have cervical ectro-

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•X)f time to arrange them. Let it be remembered, that Reason does not

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I thought that perhaps you would like to know something of the

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improvements in both neurologic outcome and longevity.

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and pass hand into passage, pushing the womb back into place.

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simplest conclusion that the eyes were at the bottom

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of cayenne pepper, and about 3 pts. of water ; boil to 1 pt.,

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tane'>u,s fracture of tbe lung bvnes. Brit. M. J., Lond.,

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is temporarily sanious, Such haemorrhages, which are generally

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nervous system dependent upon affections of the gastro-intestinal

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ing; and from the increasing pallor, weakness, oppression, etc.,

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more for my country." However, the Om- words in those days."

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poses her to possible conception should have access to

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the back. The presence of a reno-renal reflex (i. e., pain referred to a

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respectively, only that now the obliquity of the longitudinal

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think that the use of the cold bath had increased the propor-

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world. What a startling commentary is this upon the dominant prac-

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