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a family physician sent his patient to a surgeon who

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3. For lung disease, take white horehound, and hys-

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a definite point; and I measure thence, to my finger-

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ratiier insidiously, with pain over a large area. Where

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were occasionally followed by maniacal outbursts. It

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of little value to the pathological student, compared to an extensive and well-

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2, after 5 years in i, after 3^^ years in i, after 2 years

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there till all sloughs which form come away, and leave a

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strabismus and chorea disappeared at once, and have

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" I have attempted to prove that this high pressure in the vascular system,

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covered with a soft linseed-meal poultice, half-an-hour after which

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lead to a better undertanding of the metabolic abnormalities associated with

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Eighth Cervical Root. Pectoralis major and minor, flexor sublimis, latissimus

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important. It will be convenient to consider first those remedies which

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the whole of the diseased mass with the forceps and scissors. The por-

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some infiltration of the arytenoids. That man died inside of six weeks

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took this trip and a large packet of information which she

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good stories that I told him. With all his unusual mental equipment, he

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the patient to the practitioner. The key to good man-

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will not produce it, though such causes may act in a general

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1896 b. — Xachweis von Finnen in gehacktem Fleisch und in Wurst '^Ibidem

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lung, nebst Bescbreibung einer neuen Plattfusseinlage.

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which other branches of inquiry demand. The study of

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A notable instance of simulated fasting, which had a

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to the attempts made by fakirs, under various namings and

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as well. Aqueous solutions of penicillin were given

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perhaps always in proportion to the nbrlity of an individual's means, really

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straint, with reference both to the person and to the

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