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of movement; apparent bewilderment; cerebral disturbance;
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died in the Zoological Society's Gardens in 1870, is rather
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General Hygiene. Every Candidate at this second Examina-
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reflex excitability. The same alkaloid first excites and then
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should be made to extirpate, with the knife or by means
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one in the profession, could yet report many fold larger experiences than the
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1894, n. s., Iviii, 359.— Kober (G. M.) A contribution to
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Bright's disease, and the latter points to a lesion of the pons or medulla.
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small as they subsequently became. He complained of seeing many-col-
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her riglit t^-apezius and serratus magnus had become completely tired
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ondary oxidation" of the acetone bodies. Rosenfeld said that
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minders of their indebtedness. They will find us an inveterate dunn —
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whereas in the last three years of the period they were met
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disease. In a neiirhborimr parish the nnmber of the juitients Mas
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Mechanisms. — Vacuum tubes for medical use only are
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on cases of cardiac disease point to the conclusion that the total volume of
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cancer. Any mode of treatment that does not accomplish this can
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had had no personal experience. He maintained, as he had on
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what, then, is it of value ? Only in cutaneous conditions
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appear on the fauces, the glands about the neck become enlarged and doughy,
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based upon personal experience in these and other cases,
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infectious disease is transmitted hereditarily — for even in the case of
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Dr. Morriss, in closing the discussion, said he real-
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is supposed, to their being deprived of fresh provisions,
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Mrs. Eugene H. Bradley/SE Vice-Pres.— Mrs. Rufus Lee/SW
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subside as to be no longer clinically distinguishable.

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