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sinks into mere matter of scientific curiosity. The years, as we
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cestry of Dr. Copeland is traced back to the first New England set-
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thus disposing of it according to the method adopted in
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^ September 18, 1848, son of Marshall S. and Anna (Cleland)
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ery, the sick-room, and all rooms which the nurses have occu-
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appearance like that of first week of typhoid fever ; mind clear
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then set sail for New York which was destined to be the scene of
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Grooves. — In frequency they come after perforations.
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Let me thank you most sincerely for the kind and close attention
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strated with equal clearness, but quite unavailingly, in the cases
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mother was notably free from the after-soreness which accom-
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burgh (see Bartholow, 1873). He was president in 1861 of the Belle-
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any other medicinal substance is used; that is, they apply its
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amputation of the thigh after a very short delay, so soon as
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were Ihe same then as now. He did more real work for
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years. He added materially to the appliances for the practice of his
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it, if longevity of human life would be reached. The law of
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and other official persons, regarding especially the tests applied
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head could not pass without help ; and accordingly the patient
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Dr. Beaman Douglass). He married, May 8, 1862, Mary Hoyt, daugh-
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uncle, Charles H. Hill, M. D., is the oldest living graduate
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diseases referred to ; viz., cholera, yellow fever, and typhus.
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gentler sex are so varied that no report of reasonable length
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pathologicil conditions of children was original with her,
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symptoms in well-defined cases he stated to be, intense and pro-
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He then entered upon the study of medicine at the University of New
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Dr. Wende was an expert in the use of the microscope, and he
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spending a year with his father, who was at that time an
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Metropolitan Hospital on Blackwell's Island from 1875 until his
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Another fact in favor of the close relations existing between
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He located in Salt T.aVe City, lltab, whert- be has taken
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of the pathogenetic influences of the article under considera-
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much more often on the soft parts than on the articulation
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rare cases. Her forte lies in correct diagnosis of diseases.
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Do you think it can be possible that my baby is marked ? "
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Abscesses should be opened, the line of incision for
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means, though the knowledge gained from this source has been
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the reader, as briefly as possible, those considerations which lead
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employment. Some of these cases are most interesting; notably
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