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the ns(! of the cool or cold bath, cool or cold compressing and
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book, where vitality is distinctly stated to be the force which,
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forceps and lever, few* practitioners of midwifery will besiiate
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these cases, found the lesions of ordiuarj' albuminuric retinitis, com-
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N. Y.. 1888, xxxiv, :59L— af Forsellos (A.) Uelicr die
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and muscular) and hidneys. Making it a routine practice to analyze the
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elderly as diastolic filling becomes more dependent on
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of the throat after using the voice. There were no signs of
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ovarian tumor through an incision in the posterior vaginal fornix,
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[Read in the Section of Pathology, February 14, 1913.]
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Diseases and Clinical Surgery— H. O.jWalker, Sec-
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remedy last named has seemed to me to be distinctly efficacious. Marriage
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rats and a 21-month study in mice showed no evidence of carcinogenicity There
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affect the foetus in utero? J. Am. M. Ass., Cliicat;o. 1889,
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patients of these facts, and advise slow going, with smooth roads,
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local affection had gradually increased, and he com-
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6 *The Operation for Radical Cure of Inguinal Hernia, at the
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certainty was absolute, for instance, in the two cases I
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I75^>» when one hundred and fifty-six British prisoners were confined
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malingerers and impostors, I still find that nervous shock
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ual irritation of tlie corneal epithelium alters the nutrition
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in the analysis of several portions of gastric juice collected at dif-
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organ be moved without occasioning pain or exhibiting tenderness, unless
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treatment of consumption, and gaseous and aerial disinfection,
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surgeons of some foreign regiments in our service have laid
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suffer from spasmodic stricture. Young hysterical women
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Attempted Reduction of a Dislocation at the Shoulder-joint of seven or eight
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—but he merely gave the facts. His preference in a similar case,
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Tecumseh, Xeb., to San Francisco, Cal., and report to the com-
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exposed to it and takes anti-toxin, there is a big risk
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and separates it from the underlying vessels and elastic fibres of the inner
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much gratified if its action should prove tr> accord in the main \i'h t le views of the faculty,
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The cessation of menstruation is termed the " menopause," the " cli-
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little or no swelling of the neighboring glands. Swelling of the glands

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