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on arriving found the pains feeble and far apart, but enough to

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is exceeding firm, and presents the characteristic central, depressed

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early operation and impressing the evils of delayed

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ficulty in digestion. The relief afforded by the oper-

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view to gradually rendering both orifices permeable

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Apoplexy from excessive Repletion of the Stomach. 9

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this work does infinite credit to the induflry and judgment of

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• Received updated report on Influenza virus vaccine

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pingitis and ovarian abscess. He uaea the angiotribe ex-

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lesion. Such an involvement may be the result of circulatory disturb-

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described. In the belief that some of these were the

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ation has been practically abandoned, and that the name is

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but here too there is a great variation, as their number may vary

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cocci and bacilli. But, as the writer in the Centralblatt points out, the case-

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training programs that include training in cytologic ex-

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more severe thaa usuaL She never goes as long as two weeks

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lowances, so that the service may be made attractive to

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pedicle passes down to the lowest lobule, which is pyriforni, measures

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ashes, hardened to a mass, and stomach coated over with a pitch-black

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of the truth of the principles promulgated by Dr. Sam-

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The ])lanting of normal germs, or what is more familiarly

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comprehensive syllabus with a selected bibliography will be provided.

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books ; yet they are certainly deserving of more careful con-

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The designation of the next sub-kingdom, by Owen, as com-

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and Andre hung — and numbers pass, who shift their glasses eccentrically,

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f This accords with the obsen'ation of Dr Duncan, jun. inserted in the fourth

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delightful ! that is just the salutary after opera-

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The true function of the thyroid body being undeter-

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from any cause debilitated are more liable to it ; it is comparatively

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and not allowed to cool before using. The proper tempera-

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local process. The committee inquired into the relative results

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latter is apt to occur on the buttocks, knees, and occasionally on the

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