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meningitis, but lumbar puncture and urinary analysis
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Mortality. — Veyrassat's 14 statistics published in 1908 show
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The fracture box should be suspended about 2 inches above the box
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a safe procedure. With regard to the sterilisation, this is
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fell from the roof of the Woman's College, a distance of 40
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ing of the intestinal lesions, therefore toward the end
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patient having compatible clinical features, such as erythema
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In 1765 Dr. Hunter was appointed Physician Extraordinary to
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movements of the animal under the influence of the medicine. It
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around the body or down the legs. It is variable and may be very severe
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Affections and Complications other than those of the
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common of the localising symptoms, such as hemiplegia ; whilst of the
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tion" to the establishment of the polar character of regeneration.
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cessive use of mercury, and occasionally it accompanies scarlet fever,
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Microscopical examination of sputum showed an average
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insidiously to such a degree, that the physician is only called when
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is tliereby caused to the patient. The menstrual blood must get out of
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Relapses of typhoid fever are sometimes observed. Several examples
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roots were not degenerated. Taylor, in 5 cases examined, had
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attendants on infants that the diet shall be plain and
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pain threatened to become severe, she took over 12 oz., or
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of Entameba histolytica. (8) Since the incubation period
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Rev. d'hyg.. Par., 1899, xxi, 682-691. Also: Rev. scient..

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