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be detected in the stomach or its contents. In the 'Association Medical

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of a Cystic Tumour of the tongue in a child of three months. The cyst

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centre of the city ; the other family consisted of five females, advanced

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mentioned, as a basis for an anatomical classification of pleurisies which is

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some cases where he made a counter-drainage through

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brain and nervous system ; and sometimes other causes, may for a

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fides of the tumour, the fpermatic cord being only increafed in

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McClki.lan, Ely, Assistant Surgeon. — Assigned to duty

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the person is right-handed. This is now fully recognised, and the reason

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rectum. Thus, the j^athogenic agent, wliich may exist in a

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Island, away from kindred and intimate acquaintances, was sud-

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ters ; but perhaps their explanations are not very much to be

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\'o!,ial -ti-nU .111,1 ^ iiiiM.I W.ikniL; .ilxn.t aihl 11.. >\ .h|i|.iiii- .iti.r I^^., i.i..i;iii>.

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makes known his experiences upon this subject because he considers that there

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Marked general nervous symptoms are suggestive. The differential diag-

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1894, n. s., Iviii, 359.— Kober (G. M.) A contribution to

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in children who have been overworked at school. There are

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were so large as to suggest hydatids was recognized in

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The following portions were fixed in formalin, embedded in paraffin,

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Professor Hamilton, nor one which had introduced such a vast

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objectionable than blood, and I think experience has

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enormous. Under etiology he described criminal parentage

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creased, and the child died in thirty-eiglit hours, of asphyxia, intuba-

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