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of the bowel, plastic matter is effused into the meshes

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subsequent detachment of the epidermis, and that the same phenomenon

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be different diseases, still we have seen several cases of sprue

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distended with a dark-colored fluid, and where it pre-

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throughout the sickness, and as there was no emaciation or night

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Heredity plays no n'l/t' in the etiology of the disease. In

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" We who support this bill, protest against that view. There is a

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mas were large and lax and showed a well-marked areola and

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The Property Committee beg to submit to the President and members of the College

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ince of Ontario. The management of these institutions

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When I came here (1848), and for many years previous,

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childhood. She attributed her deformities to a fall

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years of life and including a somewhat miscellaneous group.

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S rid of low priced horses, since the sales "e unburdened

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For the second time during our schooling, we experienced the unexpected

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motile single forms, also rosettes and granular round bodies. On May 16th, the

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<$&&0'- ^^^^J'' amount. Flour will exhibit the

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Patients are kept in bed from 18 to 21 days. Seven excellent

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lungs showed a small amount of edema. Throughout there were a few small

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tions from the nose and throat, and enters by the same channel,

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eispecially when there is coexistent coryza, in the presence of which

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the lateral region there are numerous extravasations.. There was no

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commend this excellent work to our readers, with the assurance that they

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but lies on the middle line. It is not at all tender. It can be displaced a

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riage, and it seems to me any woman who has hostility

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dilation in water of some of the matter evacuated, renders the aj)pearanee

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be different diseases, still we have seen several cases of sprue

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be distinct and readily discriminated from each other. For example, thf

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of silver to the fauces, pharynx, and epiglottis without any benefit.

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cyanosis, palpitation, weakness, and cough. On feeling the

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