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seem uncalled-for to investigate a manifest absurdity,
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per 10,000 of population, as against a decrease of but 8 for France
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celled or rated up because of that illness. () Action:
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question on the obstetrical history form used by most
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got sick the doctor or nurse would change its food — often
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Nicholson. Dr. James Lloyd, Sketch of Life of — Dr. Cyrus Thompson 360
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fatty change; but we knew this was so in certain cases only.
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which will be evaluated for possible use in the co-operative study.
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geles Pediatric Society at Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles. Sat. Con-
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in both eyes in four cases and in one eye in twelve cases.
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diseases of children, and Dr C. P. Grayson covers the field of laryngology
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oidy when he sus])ected that the sale had been made in violation
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(4) It is essential for the success of family care to
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Patients in the hospital Dec. 1, 1854 . 193 188 381
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shows how wasteful many of us men are of our productive
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manner in which cutaneous cancroid is developed at the expense of the
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haemostatic remedies are to be em[)loyed. Of these, probably ergot is the most
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uncontrollable movements. Spontaneous involuntary movements of the
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heart disease affect the lower creation equally with their lord,
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ligament and the sheaths of the tendons. Erosion of the cartilages may
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movements should be applied to the affected muscles. Strych-
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can be made reputable has been brought under medical
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problem. This source code has been extensively modified because of system differences
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operation (that with the ligature), and I refer to exactly
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the point of implantation of the valve to its free border; (4) a very
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appeared in the Medical liecord of New York on October 28, 1911. Now
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more than honour his memory and emulate his example.
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of Bozeman's operation with that of the author. Rich-
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— I say with well-recognized nervous disease, for I
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mental trouble, and when this terminated in recovery,
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are of various sizes, but may be divided into three — a small, a

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