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city practice; union by first intention being, for the
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I have succeeded when no response came from suspen-
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ing of this hearing before them, and for their kind
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Matriculation fee is $5. The Graduating fee is $30. No additional fees are required
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gelatine with the milk, aa the most appropriate food for the child, and where
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9. SDCL 19-2-12. No physician-patient privilege if death
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on the other. She remarks that " I must be doing something every
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as valuable in this respect as eitiier of the others ; and the
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E. Garrison, Brayton H. Ransom, and Earle C. Stevenson. A parasitic round-
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urine, whereas the salts of soda (which abound in the plasma of the blood,
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in Medicine and Surgery, of Dublin, Oxford, or Cambridge, or a
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desire to leave it. The temperature should be taken at least
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Rochelle salt, and potash. It is necessary to sep- keep to what was right. A person who has been
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force encountered. In girls up to thirteen years of age the hymen
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On admission she was again in a partially collapsed
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strong reasons for believing that such may be the case.
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however, that the author leaves the subject in the same state of obscu-
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thorou"hly tried without benefit. The case was finally diag-
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this lesion was only an excoriation, but it progressively in-
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is an increase of sixteen deaths by automobiles and
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trol over the hind-legs when roused. 4.20. — Another large dose of
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the plan of paying extra fees for forceps cases. The following are given as
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"When speaking of the treatment of typhoid fever, Prof. Liebermeister says
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Reflex Paralysis : its Pathological Anatomy and Relation
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physician offices and hospitals, visited several physi-
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This produces a constant uneasiness of the eye; and even corroding the bone, it
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body lay on the bank out of the water. It was by partial immersion that the
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of the bowel, plastic matter is effused into the meshes
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which, by augmenting the obstades to the evacuation of the left ven-
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shown to be based upon immutable scientific principles
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ten days after coition ; in the horse, in the sheath,
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they fail to return, then the Registrar shall obtain the name and

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