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cultivate serenity, not only because it promotes length of days on earth, and hap-

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special mosquitos, although in a different way. The exit

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of sensation, not easily delimitable. Radial pulse much smaller

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spinal cord is " frequently mentioned," a condition on which the con-

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which follow erosion, render the first period sometimes very

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out shrinking when they found that manipulation caused

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progress recorded in both clinical and experimental research, con-

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chances of either personal or Professional caprice. After some

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the<ietails of 87 cases of skull injury and 11 others in which

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the verge of an intoxication, particularly through a perversion of the cata-

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java.sLat a niagyar bUnvddi el,iSidsr()l. [Hungarian law in

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a heroic anti[)hlogi.stic plan the diametrically opposite one of

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surroundings; but when an epidemic begins with a disaster of this

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a broad interest in gastroenterology in its relations

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• a single verticil of conidiiferous cells bearing conidia in a close column up to 500;* in

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December 21 : 15 litres of fluid drawn off. Sugar in the urine, 50 grammes ; sugar

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tion, break down, and attract polymorphonuclear leucocytes. Accord-

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state was associated with the restoration of normal

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the nature of this discharge. It is usually thin in the beginning?

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sweating from the beginning of the attack, the spasmodic paroxysms

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Persons often give a history of an attack in each outbreak. The cause

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more than any other, are not weighed down by the feeling of

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Gave Mass Hyd. grs. xij. with Pulv. Doveri grs. viij., in the

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of iron and lead as impurities. These are precipitated by

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of certam birds, and which is composed of a little hemispherical baae, a

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" As to the dirty habits of the emigrants, they are

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for the sugar, syrup of raspberries, or of other fruits.

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disease in towns where the water used by the inhabitants was

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quence of which, ulceration takes place in the cartilages surrounding

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and fibroses, or fuzzy congestions, or a combination

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Prochaaka, have now their place aseigned in science, under the much more physiol^cal name of reflex paralyses,

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cesses ' applied to valuable remedies are kept secret. These

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