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eye. There is no injection of the conjunctiva in the left eye.

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comes • a beast or a glutton may do otherwise, a man will

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of suppuration and disorganization, which is the bane of these cases.

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commended ; if pain be great, repeated doses of opium are to be

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laboratory evaluation of a bleeding patient permits a quick

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of nature, by the influence of their 'peculiar exciting

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amusing as it seemed at the moment, for it serves to emphasize

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(as in germinal matter the operation of chemical) attraction :

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Diittoiiiti Hiniimi' which ho had removed in large numbers from

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During bad attacks partial loss of control of the motions

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and the patient, for instance, immediately after a hearty dinner,

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habitually suffer £rom hyperasmia of the liver, the mineral springs « at

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low-grade infection; in other cases, especially cases of calculus in the

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vessel, probably caused by the slipping of one of the ligatures

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sult of mechanical violence — blows or falls on the nose.

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is indicative of a lesion in the cortex on the opposite side to the deviation.

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of soda, arc present in large quantities in the peculiar white dejected

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heart showed a mixed streptococcus and staphylococcus in-

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•over the upper part of the thorax and the lower part of the trachea.

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beautifully Coloured Figures and numerous Engravings in the text. Price ^3, 33. nett.

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Try to find out what the sentence is. You must use all the

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stage of childhood at seven years. The author urges

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by posture, exercises, massage, and the wearing of a properly made

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as after years of suffering and consulting some of the best physicians

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the diagnosis plain; nevertheless, the recognition of the existence of a cause

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and to a small extent by the malar and palate bones. It is for the most

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tic of septic poisoning occurs, as a rule, in animals when the septic fluid

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hardly ever sufficiently marked to occasion any noticeable dislocation

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stantly impressed with the observation that the vast

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appearance which might have followed entire removal

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pme na p an 8 p heo )?one mij)?an aptypej? • ac eac 9

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m6d. pub. et d'hyg., 78-83. Also, transl.: Hygiea. Stock-

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