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of view, however, the case is of interest ; for, although the
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cular efforts, or violent physical exertions in constrained positions. The
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ever, from but little pain or tenderness in the abdomen ;
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FoOT-AND-MouTH DISEASE : An epidemic disorder among cattle — Occasioncdly
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10. Dukelow, D. A.: Be sure about “cures,” The Milwau-
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16th. No treatment. Vaccinated on the 20th — ^took.
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degree, relieve the bronchial mucous membrane. Counter irritation i»
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story with apparent candor; detailed all that occurred from the
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iron. A thick ring of dough and somewhat larger in di-
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led to faulty conclusions. There were 12 acute infectious cases, all showing a
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auricle was not filled, and there was a considerable rush of blood through
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Auscultation. — A diastolic nuirmur with maximum intensity
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sometimes so paralyzed that vomiting can scarcely be produced by
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nation at Chelsea in August, 1866, a id who have undergone
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at first preternaturally excitable, gradually lose their tone; the
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literature or PDR. The following is a brief summary.
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hydrochloric acid, care being taken to leave a slight excess undissolved; the solu-
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ment ; and where death or other grave disaster ensues
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examination of a flea for trypanosomes ; it was not always
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basal plate of placental chorion from which the villi spring. Occasionally
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The Collegiate Degree as an Evidence of Fitness for the Study
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2. The difficult process of dissecting out the matrices of the ciliifi, one by
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buried in the bulb at the top of the instrument, at a point above 122°.
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of chloride of sodium, no albumen was demonstrated in the solution,
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spiration which she makes, as soon as she is allowed to do so, is said to be
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show that blood-letting in eclampsia is injurious and not beneficial. But
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the closed hand, placed under them over the seat of pain. Pressure, however,
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session of every one. A certain amount of chemical knowledge is,
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before death. Another type of bacterial poisoning from fish presents an
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2.— Blood In Typhoid of Children.— F. S. Churchill pre-
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of typhoid fever. Rep. Bd. Health Mich., Lansing, 18^8,
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work of the provincial board and the secretary has called on
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Dr. R. W. Amidon discussed at length the mode of origin of

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