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ment of fractures. Tr. South. Surg. & Gynec. Ass. 1888,

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has been commenced. Others maintain that it acts in

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cians, as well northern as southern, have strongly urged a resort to the

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This act washes over the surface of the cornea, removes particles

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the disease followed the course of the nerve. At no

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The Urine. The urine shows no changes which can be referred to

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arrangement of parts. Not unfrequently the nucleus may be a portion

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he suggests at once a man who has floundered on his way. Some

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of his whole experience, will have absolutely no exquse for

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but one such experience as this — and I have passed through

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described some few years ago as passing from the Fallopian

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before dismissing the patient from his hands, to per-

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momentary oblivium or delirium, or various affections of the senses, or loss of

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Diagnosis. — As the general symptoms are often slight, the

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that they brought the pork with them, so that there is not the least danger of the

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may be covered with oiled silk. Now stitch the cen-

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donor. All contributions to the Foundation are deductible for income tax purposes.

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patients of these facts, and advise slow going, with smooth roads,

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applied by rubbing it well into the part until the colour disappears.

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rule in such matters? The principle of individuality is being

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phenomena characterizing this epizootic. The theories which he puts

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Dr. de Luca, of the Incurahili Hospital at Naples, has

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conditions and the individual resistance. Tinnitus may or may

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bacteria are about 1 to l.bfx long and 0.3 to 0.5/x thick. They are not

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Marion Sims Wyeth, the five-year old son of Dr. J. A.

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owing to adhesions and the formation of a tough material of

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