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from the place which it renders deadly, or any of its constituents, ani-

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Examination in Arts is compulsory on all Gentlemen com-

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that a third dose will be necessary. The administration of morphia

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Council to pass a resolution condemning Dr. Landgrat

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perature of 98. 6° F., and were entirely unchanged. On the fifth day the

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cated to the reading of scientific papers, and to their discus-

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The weak-ii;^ht mirror (with the plane glasses of Ilclmholtz) gives

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Loss of Muscular Tone. Loss of tone in muscles will

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results from the above-mentioned pathologic conditions (relaxation,

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the most useful size, that is, emmetropia, chlorid 100 minims; sterile normal saline

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administered without risk, we bespeak for it a trial

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should be confined to beef tea, alternated with the

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soon, however, this flaccid paralysis passed into the

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a tendency to recur ? The form of this question implies that there

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far greater than if the State had helped the insured

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one may use an Irishism, is divided into three parts.

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stomach of their stagnating contents is supported by the rule that it is

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of ipecac, and antim. as follows: Ipecac, x. gr. to xv. gr., com-

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Was a thick fluid, resembling precisely the white of an o^g. Weight

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This pigment will, of course, be also met with in the peripheral

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one-eighth volume albumin, but no record of a microscopic examination

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be mistaken for other afl'jctious. The ability of a practitioner to

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mersion. This point was raised in Reg. v. Kettleband (Nottingham "Winter

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must refer to, namely, the education of the medical student and the

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account of its symptoms was published in 1768 by Dr Robert Whytt (a

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