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much in difi^erent cases. It is paroxysmal, violent, and difficult in proportion

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states seemed to be that, because aU the symptoms of the

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is certain that most individuals would have it in their power, unless greatly

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of Professor Bennett, of Edinburgh. He met with two kinds of starch, one

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aroused at the time. The patient was now perfectly well.

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admission to the hospital, she had no medical treatment. At this time her general health

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A chronic disease peculiar to pregnancy, (iv.) An acute disease peculiar

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found to run as often from the heart to other organs as from

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way, still on trial, we have every reason for encouragement, and a belief in

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CORNS ON THE TOES, " Cors aux pieds avec doleurs lancinan-

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versity College Medical Society, in which alarming symptoms resulted

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day in rabbits and 10 mg. /kg. /day in pigs and monkeys did

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preparations. Petrequin and Chavannes used this preparation, and in

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have been treated by means of the galvano-caustic wire.

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long time in a cavity, a condition which is fuMHed in hematic pleurisy

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Ensuring a healthy liability insurance system [Terry] 53

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d'uue restauration des coiijonctives au luoyen d'une grefl'e

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to act with concerted force and great spirit, but although

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lungs, warming, moistening, and cleansing the inspired air.

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become willing and active helpers ; the fathers and mothers

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ing real estate, gradually have made the income insufficient.

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extremity of the ureter by digital examination, (a) through

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It is true that in the absence of a pilot physically and mentally

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duced, as has been supposed, by mere consolidation and polishing

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the basis of this exhibition. They were supplemented by selections from the permanent collection,

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The Treatment consists in the endeavour to remove the

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the general features of each meeting. It will be seen that the

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used. In mistaking this shell for high-explosive shell, it is believed

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Dr. de Luca, of the Incurahili Hospital at Naples, has

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