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This worm, which is the great cause of tropical anaemia, was per-
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in attendance on mangy horses may suffer from the disease, they
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eye. Intercolon. M.J. A ustralas,, Melbourne, 1896,'i,308.—
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most frequently two and always one assistant, and two nurses. Perhaps
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in room M of the infants, and then spread rapidly throughout the
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2. Patients frequently object, on account of the discomfort
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to result indirectly from gratuitous attendance on paupers, and
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after birth. But Urtel did not believe them to be the same disease. Unruh
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thetic, and to have their seat in the stomach. Hence, free
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that of the white substance and investing membranes of the spinal axis, and especially
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readers 800 pages of choice medical literature for one dollar, during 1896.
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warts with this preparation five minutes six times per day until
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at once a less perfect excretion by the cell, and its own katabolism is
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Senaation. — ^There was no pain anywhere. Cutaneous sen-
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only places in which to get warm in cold weather are two small
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in deciding for or against unilateral nephrectomy, though, to be sure, more recent
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poor glia cells containing a chromatin-rich nucleus.
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four. Erysipelas complicated the later stages of the fever twice ;
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language, and in a style the transparent clearness and frank-
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Directed to take charge of the Medical Purveying De-
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at body temperature and their short viability outside
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aware of special evil cflects of the habit went commonly to the
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in a steady but not quick oven. This is a very fine cake.
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perfect, without sugar or milk, keep regular hours and have
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Since the reopening of the School of Medicine yesterday week,
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in very young infants. In 1919 I used the umbilical vein in an infant 4
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atopic individuals. Clinical effectiveness should be monitorec-.j’-
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stomach and is referred to the back or shoulders, we would think of gastric
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out, the leaflets are extended like the rays of a fan, and practically
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ini Posse und in den Zelien. Neurol. Centralbl., Leipz.,
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but once found vomiting occur, and in that case (Case I.) the amount of

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