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bacilli. I attempted to wash out the pleura by the use of two

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novelty and mysticism, we had almost said the very absurdity of homceopathy,

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mained unchanged and enlarged. The patient lost in* weight and

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three strains of pneumococci were isolated from pneumonia patients,

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layers, had a greenish-yellow color, and a fetid, sweetish odor. It contained

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was also a reaction to the subconsciously excited setting of a fancied

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on the needle, and for this purpose you pass a small portion of thread through

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640 WILBUR, addis: urobilin: its clinical significance

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been observed by the patient himself, but is also perceptible to his medical at-

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dense V-shaped shadow extending out from the root to the axilla

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all or many cases of congenital syphilis the value of the reaction

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difficulty of enforcing such rules in private practice, reasonable

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same manner, day after day, for considerable periods. The intensity

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New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire, the theory in regard to the dif-

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all this being due to a ruptured embolic aneurysm of the femoral artery.

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ing almost constantly, but it scarcely rouses her from her sleep; no evacua-

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was primary, the adhesions secondary or the reverse could not be

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Dr. D. J. Kaliski and Dr. P. Aschner have not demonstrated the

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where become diminished, and more or less nervous and vascular concentration

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functional activity will cause a drop in phthalein output in the

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observation of the strictest aseptic technique, portions of the glands

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Next to these succeed chilly sensations — alternated by flashes of heat, soon

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months before patient was seen. Some edema of feet had existed during

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day from night. The iris was divided in two-thirds of its diameter,

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removal would be necessary, to make the artificial pupil serviceable.

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the renal surface to the middle of the posterior border and thence along

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the liver was normal, and in rabbits 1, 23, 100. and 101, all of

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8. Case illustrative of the influence of the Ophthalmic Branch of the Fifth Pair

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free from pulmonary lesions, but later study developed the finding"

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cendent degree. It is almost a wonder that the clinician is not

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