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ducted series of experiments, arrived at opposite results.
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after the operation. By D. S. Brandon, M. D., of Thomas-
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tissue of the central nervous system, its development, its differentiation, and its
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I think we must demand the eight months, and other things must be arranged in order to
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substance, all containing a marked quantity of adulterants, is
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on one side fine dots or short lines, but they rio not reach to The
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ing this decayed nonsense, adding in the old time style :
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selves wholly to the pursuits of literature. There is no class
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compensation or correction may be made — that is, treatment
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disease causing this disturbance cures the aural vertigo.
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posture, breathing, count its respiration and pulse, note
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first chloroform and then ether. Hegives it skillfully, and in addition
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who are subject to eczema can be shown to be abnor-
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The governor has thrown precedents aside, and declares
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being removed with growing frequency ; as Dr. Carter
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after inoculation. In certain of the cases they have found
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the epidemic, out of three hundred and thirty-four fatal cases of cholera,
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intra-renal tension. In some cases prostatic obstructionis easily
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Certain points in the pathogenesis of suppuration of the lung are
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due to the iodoform. Unless Dr. Coleman could suggest
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ing in hand at a much earlier age than is feasible in deaf
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see also p. 387.) In a case of suicidal strangulation which occurred at Liver-
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way, still on trial, we have every reason for encouragement, and a belief in
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the United Kingdom to form a Conjoint Examining Board,
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tive diseases. The sum of $50,000 is available annually.

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