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of 86,661 serving in the Windward and Leeward Command, not fewer

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sweats, which (although not actually more acid than healthy perspiration)

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has been applied to these cases. These cases almost invariably [itan

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resolve the physiological problem of the fine organisation of the neurons

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nor dilated, but not responding to light. Eighteen ounces of blood were

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"We are sorry to learn that Dr. Edward R. Chapin has resigned his superin-

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ifested by an increased secretion of mucus and consequent loss

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in 21 cases, seven or eight daj-s. This symptom may not indicate any

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condition of irritation of the nuclei on the floor of the fourth ventricle.

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showing that the tissues were really broken. It seemed to him

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chaos through him came from Macedonia to Thasos. Loud is his

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occur, toward the fatal termination of the disease.

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notably such as to invite the occurrence of a wound disease,

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most cases it was merely furfuraceous, but in some there was

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side towards the latter, and move it about until the field is fully

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It is truly gratifying to the author, to be able at the

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namely, we make either cross incisions about 2 cm. long, or we

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following positions, which he is destined to occupy in succes-

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Differential. — Croupous Pneumonia (see page 124). Acute Miliary

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ascertained what the precise derangement was which stood in the way of free

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f Dr. Ploucquet, Professor of medicine in the university of Tubingen ;

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effects that most soporifics and hypnotics have, no nauseating or

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insensibility to pain, even under the most serious surgical

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is in some districts termed the " cords," from the fact that the

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timony and Opium in Typhus Fever," by Dr. Wortbing-

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tonishing mental conformation a human creature must have to afflict him-

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