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ing the day. About five months after the first appearance of the

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pleasure to be told that the manner in which I have performed my duties has been

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mnnity which had no direct connexion ■n-ith Greenmch

prednisone side effects in cats quickly do

occurs during the child-bearing period. Histology may mislead. A sar-

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Fractures of the Femoral Shaft— Harry B. Hall, Minneapolis

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extremities complicating typhoid fever, and adds the record of one he personally

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former is in favour of using a very high temperature in the

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who lived and flourished there about the year 1600. However, by the chances

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cranial and first spinal nei'ves of Menidia; a contribution

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slight swelling in the neck. She had frequently com-

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Sinai Hospital, Hartford Hospital, and St. Francis Hospital. He

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dogs numerous or closely associated with man as they are

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Thus, up to this time, he complained of the following: pain in

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So far, in the study of influenza, incontrovertible testimony has been

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bowels, bladder, vagina, etc. ; producing, sometimes, even a fatal

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Professor of Anesthesiology, State University of Iowa, University

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episodes, in which prostration, central nervous system

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tion ; for notmthstanding that the law did not compel the local authorities to

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1871 PooRE, George Vivian, :\r.D., 32, Wimpole Street, W. (C. 1879-81.)

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rior is because of their preliminary training as Privat-Docenten, and the

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thus tested by rational methods, we know what to expect

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able ■? There the eye, pained bj' long gazing at the stars,

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direction : too much praise cannot be given to the author for an honest

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