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Members of the Roosevelt Hospital Staflf, New York City,

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cannot be obtained and little significance can be attached to extent

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the Gazette. They should be typeii'ritteii if possible. To obtain insertion the following month,

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growing in company with a luxuriant saprophytic bacterium. On

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ulation of his diphtheritic arte&cts he found sterile. Animals, however,

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rise, naturally, to many neuropathic manifestations, to which

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lunch for lazy men. He did not trouble himself to look below the

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by the side of opium, quinine and the few changed. The physisist has been deeply

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of chronic Bright's disease ; but as a ride the two conditions are met w^th

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GRANULES of Morphia, Strychnia, Atropia, Digitaline, Arsenious - Aeid, Ela-

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(1.) Unilateral paralysis of the velum palati without appreciable paral-

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full of courage and with a rare power of imparting his

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Specimen No. 1851c from the Museum of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

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resulting from a septic penetrating wound, with or without the retention of

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four HEW officials visited MIST as part of an effort by the

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Dr. Gibney said, in reply to Dr. Wyeth, that in ordinary

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a simple daily task, or a great feat of engineering.

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which relate to particular classes of people, particular occu-

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a malformation ; yet these organs, even with this disad-

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humanity, than in the alfections of the adaptive ])Ower of the eye. The

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undermined. Bordering on this aneurysm was the left cor-

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found such forms, even if only two or three, in the direct

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gradually increased in number and extent, until they

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bination, it is easily liberated, and it is disinte-

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Appetite began to fail, he had repeated vomiting, looseness of

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ing an irritable, defenceless condition of the whole mucous mem-

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readers to a most interesting series of observations on the

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was taken with vomiting and increasingly severe pain. During the

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gical beds were filled principally with brain tumor

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