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The Consortium’ s accomplishments and aspirations go
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in very young infants. In 1919 I used the umbilical vein in an infant 4
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charged for a long time white and thick, it is probable that the ligament has been
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the doctors has shown no abuse of the plan. This is
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by the side of opium, quinine and the few changed. The physisist has been deeply
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producing lordosis (Fig. 4). By lifting the knee of the sound limb
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deafness. The etiology of this affection, like that of
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Horn, of McLean; J. M. Thornber, Powellton ; A. L. Herron, Washing-
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vary according to the structures involved and the extent of the process.
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1^ to 3 grains, and when swallowed, 3 to 5 grains of the
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Drainage by tubes is required when there is progressive
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in-patients. There were 944 operations [leriormed. At the
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panded the Stark I clinical laboratory referral prohibition
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What is the cause of the peculiar Feebleness of the
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goodwill, an earnest of better things to come. Time
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Dr. J. W. ScHOOLEY, Welland, Ont . . . Materia Medica and Pharmacy.
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had united), and surrounding wall, the stump of the
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stay in the hospital, I am discharging him on a diet of 45 gm. of
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be sipped slowly after food. With hyperacidity one should select mainly
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older a quiet indoor occupation selected for them. The greatest precautions
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(if suicide and not murder was the cause of death).
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to be administered every four hours. The serious nature of the
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breathing oppressed. He could not lie down. He j)laced his
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months in a few human cases. Finally, it is possible to infect
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The estimation in which these demonstrations are held is
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the following. Deposits of fat show the same general structure as loose
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nic. As well pretend to be a bacteriologist without
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ical and granted that all of them may have been re-
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l>elonglng in the category of inflammation of joints dependent aa pnnte
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As the name indicates this vaccine contains the killed bacteria of ty-
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