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among them that of medical officer to the Post Office. His

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was deferred in order that the adhesions might become more firm. He

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a ten per cent, solution of cocaine, could she breathe

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the State. To this end we have asked the Legislature for a

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white coan wine. This will break down the obstruction. — II Sat. IV, 27.

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types of disease : one characterised by varicosity of

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done through ill-advised dentistry was greater than the

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prophylactic consisted, he said, in preventing a too rapid dila-

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booldet — **The Vital Five Minutes." A representative will call and demonstrate

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with paroxysms of short, anxious, difficult respiration, or hoarse

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Now, if physicians, banded in a society, would help their unlucky brother to the

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springs, it may be stated that in several operations

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could not have sufficient purchase upon or attachment

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Charity at Eleventh and Cherry Streets, the tablet being

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itself, by liquefying the medium about it. Later the

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Darmkan;il veranlassten AuL'enleiden. [.Japanese, text.]

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View that Diabetes is Produced by a Circulating Toxin. — In 1900, Hans

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four hours, and that milk only be given during this period.

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When we come to subdural haemorrhage, however, such a

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S. Dispensatory. Eaton arranged it in the genus Macrotrys. But

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thought than with the intention of infringing Professional

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from a letter which appeared in the Scotsman on Monday,

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AcoNiTiA, Its Value in Trigeminal Neuralgia. — Dr. E.

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• ill of turpentine. O. oeta^oei, spermaceti cerate,

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junctions and got up to wash and go to stool. Almost

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which can be regarded as classics. Of those we have, Gray 'a

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