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so charily bestowed by Columbia, was feelingly welcomed by the recipi-
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The circumstances of his crime, which will be fresh in the
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Choked Disc After Contusion of the Head-J. Bachauer Augsburg
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tion Xo. 6, with reference to visitations. The Council thea
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33,000 in the number of vaccination cases as compared
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visit, in consultation with two surgeons, a lady, who was
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rule protects it from direct violence. After middle life, on account of the
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even slight extrinsic movements of the limbs, head, etc., and its record,
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this has been observed chiefly among the natives of the north of
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diminished proportionately to the increase in acidity of the gastric
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effusion and early consolidation of the lobe of one lung may
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accomplished by the introduction of Hays's | again brought before the class in the ope-
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him, you may readily suppose it will require some length of time before
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The fumigation will be more effectual if the walls are first well
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size of a large nut) had pressed upon the spiutU con^
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application of a blister to the left temple, and the
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Granules were noted in cultures of B. cholerx suis and in the filtrates
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distinct in itself, but congregated en masse. Imagine each vesicle en-
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from radium by dissolving the salt in water which has been slightly
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possibility of even a palliative operation, cures have been noted;
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blood. Fifteen of these showed no trace of blue in the urine and
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enlarged glands, wind puffs, etc., by painting parts once a day
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bacteria, and which occur mostly on the surface of the g rou ™;
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arising in a cretaceous gland a little below the oesophagus;
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lasting about five months, with ten or twelve move-
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matorv chano-es throuirh the mechanical irritation of the
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Lastly, it should be remarked that in the five cases
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part of the Continent, where our author resides ; and we have
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stitches which had begun to cut out were removed. The stom-
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the skin. If there be any reason to suspect that the portal system
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