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close to the deep femoral vein as possible so that a

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bladder, followed, in course, by Nos. 22, 24, and 27 F.

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gotten away if ergot be given only as indicated, which is to the extent of

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apparatus which he is in the habit of using. There was a

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in these instances, the absence of any mark or discolouration of the : skin by

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soon to learn more concerning this special bacillus.

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And now as to these results. I can not do better than to

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Sympto77is. — Skin at the top of the clefts of the hoofs and over

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and writers in volcanic countries have described epidemics of neurosis

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karyokinetic 'figures. The polymorphonuclear leukocytes may be normal in

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abolition of the knee-jerk in one who had it normally, and the excep-

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one moment identify that unsoundness of mind — or, to speak

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difficulty, and evrs^ct, the intestines; importing a.

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rupture of the brain^, and the numerous extravasations, that very con-

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goes frequently unlabelled or tagged as an ill-defined

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medicine. The structure cf the human body, the functions it performs,

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the loss of blood. Professor Dunglison remarks on this

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left in an open vessel, at a temperature of 64.4° Fahr., was thirty-six hours

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But what was remarkable in the case was this : the boy who up to this

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(ovary and testicle) gland, but not brain tissue. In

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per cent. In .this city the lesson of neglected vaccination, al-

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and by the more marked local and general symptoms, that is, more

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only the science of medicine, but the practical use of his knowledge.

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that blood-letting can in no way lessen the amount of blood in

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rhages, North Am. Journ. Vol. 3d, p. 252. To which we have much pleasure

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i2mo. Cloth. Colored Plates, pp. x + 442. Price jS 2.00 net.

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there was no apparent change in the condition. The crack-

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no apparent reason for this increase. Unfortunately in this, as in other of the

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of diarrhea on an outpatient basis. 1 think this is a ease

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diseases not usually regarded as strumotis, which I have con-

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tions made by the author and by other observers, translation by Felkin, R. W.,

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but they appear to be eminently successful. This is the

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and positive in action. The following described apparatus has been

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sometimes caused by the germ of sore throats. Chronic

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of tuberculosis show themselves more than a year before death."

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