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since " the psychical condition of certain patients, as well as their rapid
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balls arc two or three lines in diameter, and somewhat soft. 5. In the
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Clinical Lectures are delivered at the Massachusetts General Hospital three times a
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quantities of liquid in the pleural cavities, and consti-
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one of the nurses there has already been attacked witl>
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months ; ligament, i to i inch ; no atrophy. 2. Func-
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poisoning. Nor are these cramps confined to the fin-
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Patterson, and sold out to go into the sanitarium business. He was
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those of the long persistence of the disease ; while both series
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age. He was for twenty-one years professor in University Col-
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I think 1 have met with this affection more frequently in
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of lymph. On the floor of this space lay a mass of thready
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c, costa ; «, auxiliary vein ; 1 — 6, first to sixth longitudinal veins and branches;
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1000 Cc. It is a hydro-alcoholic solution of ferric
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was constantly present an excess of uric acid, but at no time could either
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knew. He himself crawled home with some difficulty. Fur-
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Figure 37 illustrates the anterior surface outline of
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Sections of the tumoui* removed (figs. '1 an<l '.\) show a rather thickly
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therefore very particular to have the ointment pre-
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off and the new grass has not started. At this time the loco weeds
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gress were made very evident, for these 25 grains obtained a clear in-
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about the same as the normal menstrual discharge. The fluid does
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the pulse becomes more rapid and feeble, with slight increase
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tance to go farther until he has rested and allowed the muscles
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tion, formerly not infrequent, of late years is rarely seen, in consequence
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septic poisoning may occur, increasing still more the fatal nature of we
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the expert secretarial assistance of Mrs. Helen Woolston.
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noon he became much worse, and the pupils, which continued
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Respiratory sound is sometimes wanting over the whole of the affected
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site, therefore, is not only of theoretic interest, but of consider-
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As the vein was directly under the artery at the seat of
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does not altogether like bo admit this, and think- tint ex
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are unaccustomed to the interpretation of psychical states in
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is troublesome. They will sometimes go wrong five or
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as freely as others, and the immediate results, with rare

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