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pregnancy since. Menstruation was always regular, but during the

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ease may now be regarded as decided, although our knowledge of the

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to yield growth of these bodies: the lung tissues of six stock rabbits

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post-mortem. In only six was the con- in a urine can be estimated even in the

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the lumbar enlargement, for, according to this assump-

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be in chronic disease, where prognosis relates to years, and involves

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a weighted rod with a sharp point so as to eliminate the possibility

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long thread-like appendages, which enable them to move rapidly

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white to brownish nematode which occurs in the eye and ligamentum

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ing the bandages, the use of the arm was fully restored.

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the mind in all troubles; do not brood over misfortunes ; don't cherish sad or mel-

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In the early treatment it seems advisable to use speculi of

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lebone Infirmary, who was good enough to ask me to see

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present moment, and is prescribed in all cases of mus-

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in the back and left side four years ago. Several similar attacks have

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bladder being enlarged it was easily manipulated. The

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these particulars coincides with the minimal and maximal

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cating one with the other, and opening on the surface by numerous

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of the operation for more or less extensive disease of the joint

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to have a dose of eff"ervescing saline mixture every four

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wise than unsanitary. Since the hot weather began it has been

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of the artery may have been included between the ligatures. 5. It is an inte-

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gives the formula for Philadelphia ice cream and Neapolitan ice

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best. An obvious reason why so many persons imagine they do not digest

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more unjust to the normal contracting party. The tainted half-in.sane

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In this connection Dr. Armor spoke of the use of the cold

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service, regards the danger from the presence of bubonic plague

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cent methods of an antitoxin-serum injection, large

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organic matter, just as the germs or spores of many fungi are

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opinion from the members as to the cause of a phenomenon

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