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lactic acid, but the motor power was excellent. Undoubtedly, such

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to in the Holborn Journal in the following terms : —

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is not to be recommended, except as an occasional aper-

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vomiting without reference to the substances exciting it, does

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not been operated upon, the diagnosis of benign steno-

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relief. The tissues are firm; we shall hope that it may be a

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counterfeiting of food and drink, and punishes severely

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commences, the movable parts of the neighbourhood, so far as they

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once foreseen, for when the latter accident is complete and irremediable,

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scarcely point out that the passage does not fairly bear that construction. On the

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OriSERVATiox VI. — Karl H., four years of age. No previous illness,

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medical otficers were designated to serve on examining boards

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to do so prior to, and while pending, the trial of a man suspected

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Rosacece), were first used in their native country, Abys-

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injections were stopped, and the condition was most favourable,

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it may depend on pelvic enlargements which have oc-

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organ is the cause of the effusion, the effects of the

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history of nonintercourse with the infected villages. The natives took

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Version was resorted to in 9 cases for the following

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phoide. Bull. g6n. de th6rap. [etc. J, Par., 1898, cxxxvi,

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ment has been very recently discussed, or, as wo sometimes

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seriously impaired, particularly in certain directions. Morbid sexual incli-

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A Journal of Medicine and Surgery, published on the first and fifteenth of each

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right in retaining the seton a long time, with the result of a protracted

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epileptic attacks to which he is still subject, might have been

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I think cocaine should be used a little more guardedly than

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arose from aberrant adrenal tissue, which is so frequently found in the kidney.

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operative surgery. Professor Broca considers that niusculo-

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nary symptoms of stone in the bladder, such as difficulty

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