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Chicago). It is commonplace and of no particular merit.

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supposed vascular occlusion, it is always important to examine into the

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ansemic; slight ulcerations on the epiglottis and on

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ofl'cct of the shock. But from that time he was seriously ill

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afterwards, especially under the influence of cultiva-

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titatively the digestive power of any diastatic enzyme

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From thfe data obtained during the rebreathing test it becomes pos-

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that this is the only means of infection that satisfactorily explains

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Mr. Adams, the house pupil, to diagnosticate a lesion of the heart.

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may be continued to be employed, either with Liniments, or with

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Delegates to the state society and the Amebicam Medical As-

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entrusted to our care. The practice of destroying the diseased and

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The infection was probably gonococcal and therefore ascending.

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sis. He therefore placed the origin of the pain near

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occurred at one of two stages — viz., midway in the transition

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and those of fever less distinctly, marked. In others,

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a brilliant, but fairly good operator in ordinary cases. His private

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We are Avera Health, a regional family of more than 95 hospitals,

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who, having had the disease well marked and commuoicated it to three

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children to the school, for which service the driver receives twenty-five

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were run, but some of the more sick patients became fatigued after

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tetanic convulsions have been known to occur. These symptoms are apt

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or of fibres, but in close relation to the blood-vessels.

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lateral information as medical men generally would be likely to

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O00t>C0Ot-iOf?«C<»10C000C010 0»'^0iO00'*C0

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I. Carbolic acid, added in increasing amounts to experimental

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fair supply of blood, it ceases to act — suspends

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smashed in a railroad accident that the whole temporal

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months, she had become liable to a daily paroxysm, which observed the

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to plane surfaces. The curve formations are represented by spheres

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