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both excellent and harmless tonics. Iron may be used

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six years, which is just 26 cases more than Pasteur himself reported for eight

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papers to a joint meeting of the Sedgwich County Med-

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of nutriment. Pure milk is the most appropriate article of food

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difficulties encountered. Thus with increase in weight and growing

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knowledge of them. At length a negress, who had been ill for some time, came one day and

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infant the bones of the vault are not immovably fixed to each

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I believe it is tempting ftovidence. If in twenty-four hours at least

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tion is begun. The old pelvic hematocele, shrouded in mystery, was

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30th (two weeks after admission). — He had borne the com-

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sen., father of the inventor of a well-known cephalotribe. The former,

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It was during our Sopliomore year that we fust came into con-

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lateral portion was as large as two closed fists, and the whole-

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opinion from the members as to the cause of a phenomenon

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of 86,661 serving in the Windward and Leeward Command, not fewer

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^JT P)ON'T hesitate to prescribe it, fearing that the druggist cannot fill your prescription.

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siders them to commence in a network outside of the acini.

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Built and equipped for the treatment of nervous and mental

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two hundred three-column pages makes accessible the

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before the addition of the guaiacum solution, may be allowed to stand

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Varieties. — Two varieties are observed : Thermic fever

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birth which leads to minute hsemorrhages into the intestinal canal. If,

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is to be contracted ; whereas if objects are to be recognised by their colour,

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Seieiicts (M. K.) K voprosu o pi edskazanii pristupov pri

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Experiment .5. — On a large cat. The result of the division of

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The saliva may present various alterations, dependent on disease of

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with them, in the intercellular lymph-spaces. All other hyaline structures

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daily thirty minute injections recommended by Neisser perhaps more than

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muller uses a solution of one part in twenty-five of very warm

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the food to support healthy animals. If iron is given to a

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eye is covered, the observer knows that right hyper-

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than 1300. Some of them ran off as soon as they were vomited,

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active boards of medical examiners. Continued work on

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remembered that diffusion was a different thing from

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