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■degree of further progress varies, usually one single lobe is

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examination she was found to be well nourished, i. e., not emaciated, but anemic. Wlien

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and careless parents, unless, indeed, their own rest be disturbed thereby,

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to the dinner table, saw his friends in the parlor, and rode out

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apart. There were also two parallel lines of discoloration

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of health education and health activities of local char-

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fore, between the carriers and the case was an intimate one. This unquestioned

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locked as to bo immovable. One was treated by incision of the

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chyma and interstitial tissue almost destroyed, with the capsules full of

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hlood ; and, if it be shaped as above described, the fluid will

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done by fetoscopy or percutaneously from umbilical cord

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some physiologic obstruction, as is very often the case. The elastic metal intestinal

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I offer these remarks; may I encourage you to consider

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18!I4, ii, patol. gen. ed anat. patol., 44, — Forbes (C.) A

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of the operation for more or less extensive disease of the joint

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northern part (both peninsulas), but the southern part of the lower

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ment should be continued at least four weeks after the

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in the region about him, to the end that he may not grow

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has the patient been under observation for less than

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large and early incisions to give free access to air, and at the same

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On 1st December — after two months of pyrexia — a swelling

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3) Thirteen other cases where tuberculosis no longer could be demon-

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The Blood. The Red Cells and Hemoglobin. The blood shows no

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ideas, and generally obtained by the use of a chem-

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for this elaborate contrivance, with its pipes, and traps, and di-ains, a box

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the temperature, though both may be normal in a gangrenous appen-

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would, we believe, prevent a great many of these crimes, and

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my tears, did I not know that tlie science of medicine

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On both the Endocrinology and Metabolism Services, there has been a

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Gentlemen, such is the usual size of an unimpregnated uterus.

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case of patients who did not attend themselves for consulta-

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use of the opthalmoscope. I would only like to say a word about

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obstruction to the range of the blood into the ventricle being found

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