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of medical science— 4he allusion to tardiness is intended merely as a

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in more close contact with diseases in clinical observation, we should never

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qu'on employe ordiuairenient dans les bouillons. Hist.

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in single individuals. The long continued inunction of

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cient for his daily needs. But he who has a faulty direc-

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continue to enter, but it is merely to diminish the amount of the blood

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, ■ , , 10 additionallv receive an appropriate album, contain-

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tions a full-sized catheter had been inserted, tied in place, and

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practitioner in abstaining from the free exercise of his art in the

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York, November 13, aged 54 ; a graduate of the New York University,

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bones, while the base of the septum is formed by the palate and

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International Medical Congress, members who have opin-

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he is then to commit that eye-lid to bis assistant, while he himself is to take hold of

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2. Rose, W. C, and Dimmitt, F. W. : Experimental Studies on Creatine and

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closely related argument, however. The poor are more sensi-

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lays ago caught cold. Anasarca, swollen legs, scanty urine, specific

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ful and the patient is unable to remain within reach of a competent

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a partial or complete endarteritis leaving, however, sufficient cells to

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canals and membrani tympani by means of a speculum and a good light (first

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parts in which he operated on in 1848, although he divided the sphinc-

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if given too freely when the kidneys are refusing to secrete more than four

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students, (3) preventing the entrance and spread of contagious diseases, (4) restraining

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elimination of the bile salts. When bile salts without bile pigment are

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Sloan, Thomas George P. & S., N. Y., '99. .South Manchester.

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the house, into the piazza, and I am informed this evening that

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in over thirty per cent of the men who had been in Macedonia during the

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sunshiny days they swarmed the main-deck forward and

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entire chest, the bases, interscapular spaces, and axillary regions being

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found in Bateman's work (14). Aphasia has also been met with as one

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experiment, blood admixed with purulent matter will

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stones, to inform us, year by year, of the progress of the Association

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