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workers everywhere, and from the tens of thousands of

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natural ; pulse regular, and seventy-six a minute : such were the

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very sick patients. He thinks it is best endured by the patient

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the bone ; detach the flesh ; and finish by separating it from

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by paroxysms of pain interrupted by free intervals, and in the general

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worry about this, except in so far that he either wants burying, as he

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Let us now take the question of sight, which is still under dispute at the

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So much is certain : The lesion was retrobulbar, and

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Prognosis is, of course, bad, yet some cases recover

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of educational pressure, but it must be pressure applied and guided

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apply, but with a solid deposit, or several cavities,

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on the part of persons who are unfit to produce oflfepring ; practically, to

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their views are thoroughly safe and modern, goes with-

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suitable early cases, but on terminal cases Sandes claims

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20. The nystagmus, past-pointing and falling, after turning, are tested.

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It is advisable, also, to sprinkle the floors with carboHc lotion,

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disease in this condition is to be noted, and is significant in view

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lungs is discussed in a most interesting way by Dr.

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the surface is healed. The vesicle and resulting scab

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lated at the periphery of the channel and appeared to be derived, at any

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face or upper extremities. The area of liver dullness in the mid-

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angles of the wound it prevents haemorrhage into the windpipe, and

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account of the first and second hundred of Italian ovariotomies, and in the

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operation the patient had indirect blood transfusion.

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points, and the physician whose ultraconservatism is

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tory, because they utilized the strongest portion of the ligament,

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