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bottles of 30 and Single Unit Packages of 100 /intended for institutional
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Chalmers' " Manual of Tropical Medicine," (second edition, p. 949).
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tlie blind to tbo middle of the liack ^vouid cause tlasbes of light
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it is also present, as a rule, in the pharynx, on the tonsils, soft palate, base
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become in some cases scarcely distinguishable in tint from the skin itaetf-
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involve destruction, to a greater or less extent, of the parts in which it is
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layer of ciliated, columnar cells with a few goblet
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rent and increasing the tension, a condition favoring the action of the
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Richardson will open this discussion with remarks based upon
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Before I conclude I wish to say a few words about the
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12. Report of the Professional Relations Committee for the
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sions implies that a perfect similarity exists between the
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vary in difterent systemic conditions. In Bright's dis-
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only too often by those who do not know a sand-fly from a mosquito,
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The plan of treatment pursued in the cases mentioned
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Von Pirquet and Schick differentiated an immediate from an accel-
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are increased in number, and that incompatibles and antidotes
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before, which had been followed by a rash and sore throat. He had been
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probable that a small portion of this diseased striicture may have
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thoroughly educated in his profession, and, in every way, qualified
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shortening, in all one and a quarter inches, and as
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profession while members of our Alumnae Association.
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them. Perhaps the most valuable practical application of the
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coded MSD 720 on one side and VASERETIC on the other Each tablet contains 10 mg enalapril maleate and 25 mg
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hand and in the act of operating at a clinical lecture.
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mechanical, external substitute for the broki n internal support. It is
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Prof. Gross' reputation was almost world-wide. He was termed
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involve the underlying cartilage or bone, thus causing per-
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Horn, of McLean; J. M. Thornber, Powellton ; A. L. Herron, Washing-
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pneomonia to forty and even fifty breaths, and find it to attain a still
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system, as has been abundmtly proved by exi)eriments upon
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quite readily. It being not much displaced, there is
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not stop here to inquire whether this allegation be just or
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