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draciims equally often, it is said to have permanently
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wifery in the King and Queen's College of Physicinns in Ireland ; lately Pre-
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it was easy to see that infection could be hardly avoided. I
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aged fifty-six; married; admitted to hospital July 18,
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fever in this country; perhaps it does not occur oftener
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The patient is a woman aged 65, who has suffered from " corns " on
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Committee, decidedly inferior to the Patent Skeleton Leg, (No.
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money invested, as well as the energy and enterprise displayed by these
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changes are induced in the blood as render it unfit for the nourishment of
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The Urine. The urine shows no special abnormalities which could
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irregular particles, often conglomerated together in great numbers, forming miniature repre-
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rior, in order to form the recto-vaginal wall, which iso-
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which has exceptions, but they are few, that the contained air of the
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vated, or has ceased, and the original irritation is converted into,
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have been known who had not some means at their disposal of producing
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reauires oromat adriilinnal thuranu jhi,.„i„,. n
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anticholera vaccination. The first of these had pro-
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bute to the inveteracy of the disease. But experience soon taught me a
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traction of the cord is stopped at once. Now, in all cases of
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for dividing the examination fees among the county medi-
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urine both at this and the other time revealed nothing of a
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after the College of Surgeons, and we cannot but believe that
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call, the retinal disease developed late and when I saw her in
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during life, and is altogether so at death. 7. Other forces, especi-
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In two cases of asthma I have overcome the spasmodic
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however ceased to have any curative action, and even large doses only pro-
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relative frequency of the flat bones as sites of postradiation
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A Report upon One Hundred and Seventy Cases of Appen-
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palpitation of the heart, but at times, especially after exercise,
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Temp. Capt. John Frederick Broughtou, M.B., Royal Army Medical Corps.
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healing up. If you consider what a small hole a simple puncture will
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dom from disease; a woman may get breast cancer related
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Dirt. — The soil is often spoken of as dirt. The soil in the field
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plete amaurosis, which supervened, about eighteen months
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heart showed a mixed streptococcus and staphylococcus in-
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termining the accommodative and refractive states of
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done so ever since the operation. The general health has been

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