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In a slight or moderate degree, the paratysis in this situation is denoted
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performed was one for diagnostic purposes. Dr. Judd
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of these two diseases, but the evidence is not as yet specific.
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soon as they are ground. After this operation, they
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men. She became discouraged for she was at that time
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Hirsuties. — Syn. : Hyp&rtrichiasis ; Hypertrichosis ; Polytrichia ,
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the use of ergotol. N. York M. J., 1891, liii, 653.
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speaking, the more affluent the state or country, the
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lich reioblichem Bxantheni. Sommersem. in d. Klin, von
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also; 12 nurses, of whom 4 died, affected; 27 house-
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Bielschowsky, Nissl, Herxheimer, and Marchi. Special
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the state of the hands. As a general rule, in violent hanging or strangulation
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proved until last Monday, since which he has been worse than
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C. Urogenital. — (10) Entamceha urogenitalis Balz 1883.
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with van Gieson show it to be a true fibromyoma of the uterus.
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Bart. F.R.S. D.C.L. Oxon. &c. Serjeant-Surgeon Extraordinary to the Queen.
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fine pustules. From these several infants were vaccinated, with
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pericarditis). The phenomena are due to serous transudation. The cases
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Since most of the gamma rays with the energy of radiation in fall-
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the morbid process next in frequency of occurrence. 3. That
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Assuming that in the majority of the cases direct inoculation of the
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Dr. S. Lloyd had operated for the removal of an hydatid tumor ot the spine in
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(c) Abortion. — The non-development of the pock is determined by the
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at the very least a few days, for this condition to develop; gradually a
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speaks of a gland situated on each side of the hind legs, under
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all the moisture has been given off* and is then kept in a dry
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nor such as the friends of Homoeopathy would have wished,
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at work for hundreds of years before Torricelli showed
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hopelessness, isolation and inactivity. Far more is to be gained, as
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Similar cases of stricture of the gut following strangulated
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6 cases of nephrotomies at the Roosevelt Hospital 3 died.
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example, the failure of tissues derived from cases dying on the 3rd
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some other way. It is easier to understand that l)is-

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