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in his experience of masseuses, for I cannot say that I have had a similar

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abundantly. Yet every town and city in this sect ion imports immense

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of close contacts. The meningococcal vaccine licensed in

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be energetically treated with antiseptic solutions, such as per-

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in Charity was summoned, in consequence of a great mortality having occurred

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still in relieving and rescuing, the ultimate well-being of the

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ant professor of chemistry. Dr. F. W. Skirroto; assist-

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that of the atmosphere. In short, empyemas, but only very few serous exudations,

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tions are present in many cases and are strong symptoms

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patients, it nevertheless deserves attention, and fully bears out the remark of

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sented himself to me for treatment, having a gleety discharge from the urethra,

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hundred and seventy-four Illustrations. Philadelphia : Blanchard & Lea,

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Unk-ta-be, tlie god of waters, pictured as a serpent, who

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tissue of the central nervous system, its development, its differentiation, and its

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of the continuity of tissue, but that the nasal stenosis

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effects of the ansesthetic and the shock produced by an

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most eminent men have created a number of vacant seats,

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highly beneficial. An emetic of ipecacuanha may give relief. The

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great as might be supposed. Forced adduction of the arm across the

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drug which hardly ever fails to promote at least a temporary

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which alone can enable him to give such a certificate.

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on a spree, which culminated in an attack of delirium tremens.

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diseases, and the impaired vision it causes attributed

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and effusion of blood. This is a case which Dr. Todd

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ally the sub-serous connective tissue became the seat of exudation

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use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help.

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